4 letters” is my first film and came out so well

“4 letters” is my first film and it came out so well.” – Hero Eswar
The movie “4 Letters” directed by R. Raghuraj stars Eswar, Tuya Chakraborthy, and Anketa Maharana under the banner Om Sri Chakra Creations. Eswar was born in India but grew up in New York where he completed his studies. His passion for acting pulled him to Hyderabad. Although he was raised in New York, he grew up watching Telugu movies. Eswar acted in many stage plays and performed in Telugu cultural programs across the United States during his college years. He received training from Satyanand Garu from Vizag and had script workshops with the director, R. Raghuraj, before “4 Letters” started filming. Eswar has received praise from Ganesh Master, who choreographed all four songs in the film, about his ability to grasp movements quickly and dance gracefully. He has also sung the song Undha Ledha in the movie which was shot in beautiful locations around Thailand. “4 Letters” is a youth entertainer filled with comedy, emotion, and has amazing songs composed by Bheems Ceciroleo. So get your friends and go see the film on February 22nd! You will definitely enjoy “4 Letters”.
Eswar: “The process of preparing for and acting in my debut movie was amazing. I am blessed to have been surrounded by experienced technicians and actors. Raghu Sir taught me everything I needed to know about my character like the body language and dialogue delivery. Chitti Babu Sir gave us beautiful visuals and made every frame colorful. Personally, I love the songs in our movie. Bheems Sir has given us four upbeat songs which were fun to dance to. His music has reached the audience well and we have gotten very good feedback. The senior actors in our movie gave me good advice about discipline and hard work which I will carry with me throughout my career. I was happy to see that our trailer crossed two million views in two days! It gave us all great energy since our release date is close. I am glad that “4 letters” is my first film and it came out so well.”

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